Incredibly Knowledgeable, Reliable, Proactive, and Professional

"The speed at which things get taken care of and the manner in which they are handled has improved tenfold, if not more, since we hired MLS Technology Group. Things used to linger for days with our previous provider, if not more, they are now handled within hours or sometimes even minutes. I never need to ask them twice to take care of a request.

Not having to worry about our IT infrastructure across all of our properties nationwide gives me peace of mind. Hearing nothing but positive feedback from our property staff about MLS Technology Group's service strengthens my confidence in them.

They are an integral part of our team and success. Every team member is incredibly knowledgeable, reliable, proactive, and professional.

It's always clear they are focused on the long-term partnership. They'll do what's right by the customer, even if it's not the best for them. That's rare nowadays, and I've found even more rare in the IT/Telecom sector.

If you want your IT headaches to go away, pick MLS Technology Group. They are as honest and as reasonable a company that I have ever dealt with. "

Chase Hardage Operations Manager
The Hardage Group

Worth Every Penny...Unsurpassed Customer Service

"We had an independent contractor for our IT needs for a long time on an hourly basis, but he became slow to respond and unreliable. Our business needed more so we met with MLS Technology Group and we were apprehensive at first simply due to the significant increase in cost over our independent contractor. Knowing this was a concern of ours, MLS Technology Group provided a 60-day no questions asked cancellation offer.

This greatly reduced our risk so we moved forward and it has been worth every penny.

Their team is responsive, very knowledgeable, professional, and proactive with unsurpassed customer service.

The value MLS Technology Group brings far outweighs the additional cost. So, if you're on the fence, give them a chance. You won't be disappointed."

Roberta Lawler President
1st Commercial Management Group - San Diego, Inc.

Focus On My Business Instead Of Worry About IT

"We've been a client of MLS Technology Group for over 8 years and there hasn't been a single day where our systems have been down. I've been able to focus on my business instead of worry about our IT Infrastructure and that is the way it should be. I think of their service as insurance for our IT that we use every day. If something breaks, they just fix it, with no additional fees.

The MLS Technology Group techs are experts in their field and are lightning fast in solving any issues we've ever run into. The remote support system they provide is fantastic! I never second guess that MLS Technology Group has our best interest in mind because it is clear that they look at our partnership as long-term."

Jason Battenfield CEO
Injinji Footwear

Top-Notch, Reliable, IT Service

"We used another service provider for years and reliability became an issue. MLS Technology Group provides us with reliable service every time. They reply to help requests right away, are always available for questions on the first phone call, and resolve any issues as fast as possible.

Their backup and disaster recovery solution sets my mind at ease knowing that we can recover our data quickly, with minimal downtime, in the event of a disaster.

MLS Technology Group is a top-notch IT service provider that has a skilled team of technicians.

By hiring MLS Technology Group you will be taken care of 365 days per year.”

Danielle Hayes Executive Assistant
Orphagen Pharmaceuticals

Knowledgeable Team With Fast Response Times

"MLS Technology Group has a knowledgeable team with fast response times. They understand both the back-office operations and the unique set of systems for our properties. They have been instrumental in keeping our building systems secured and online. Our senior building engineer team is able to monitor and manage our property from anywhere which is a huge benefit.

It's a pleasure working with a company that you can truly trust."

Suzie Setzler General Manager

Fast and Efficient

"We are a small Biotech company, but MLS Technology Group never makes us feel small. They always provide fast and efficient IT support and we are very appreciative. They were able to quickly implement and migrate our email to Office 365 so our team could collaborate efficiently while having a professional image at the same time. Their ability to quickly diagnose and fix problems in a responsive and professional manner is a tremendous help.

I highly recommend their services."

Mark Wilson CEO
MatriSys Bioscience

Peace of Mind! Worth Every Penny!

"MLS Technology Group provides peace of mind! We have had "one-man shows" in the past and although they did a good job they lacked reliability and availability. With MLS Technology Group we have a team of IT professionals on standby. This is especially important during tax season and they are always ready to assist.

We greatly value the reliability and efficiency MLS Technology Group provides and they are worth every penny!"

Chrysti White Firm Administrator
Covell Jani & Pasch

Ultra Responsive and Extremely Proficient

"With an ultra responsive and extremely proficient staff MLS Technology Group is competent and fairs extremely well when it comes to our IT needs. From complex IT issues to new implementations, MLS Technology Group has been on top of their game and always completes the job to our utmost satisfaction, on time, and on budget.

While managing multiple properties and projects this is one less thing that we have to worry about. MLS Technology Group is truly the best bang for the buck when it comes to IT Support."

Jay Batra President
Regal Properties

Peace of Mind...Can Do Attitude

"MLS Technology Group gives us a peace of mind as our IT service provider. It's great to know that we have a team of experts monitoring our systems and standing by to solve any of our technical issues before it impacts our clients. They have a team of talented professionals with a "can do" attitude.

If you're seeking a trustworthy team with expert skills and leadership MLS Technology Group makes it an easy decision."

Scott Matthews CEO
Learning Evolution

Only Disappointment Is We Only Discovered Them 2 Years Ago

"There is no worry when planning any IT related change. Every project MLS Technology Group has performed for us has been smooth and without issues. We never stress or second guess anything MLS Technology Group is tasked with because it is always done right the first time. They provide open and clear communication, quick turnaround times on all service desk tickets, and they truly care about our company and employees.

MLS Technology Group has been an invaluable partner the past 2 years. They are true professionals and their knowledge of the IT landscape is expert level.

My only disappointment is we only discovered them 2 years ago, they could have saved us from a lot of past IT headaches."

Seth Bailey Operations Manager

Peace Of Mind

"MLS Technology Group provides us with peace of mind. We know that when we have an issue with our IT systems there is a human ready and available to assist and at a reasonable cost.

MLS Technology Group is responsive, competent, efficient, and communicates solutions in a creative and iterative way, and then implements the planned solution on the timeline promised and within the agreed upon budget.

MLS Technology Group's integrity has eliminated much of the risk involved with outsourcing our critical IT services."

Kevin Hardy Executive Director

Absolutely No Regret

"The professionalism and level of knowledge this team has is like no other. Their forward thinking creates a system that grows with our company. We switched from another well known IT service provider a few years ago and we have absolutely no regret. Their customer service, follow up and attention to detail is the strength of their team.

You absolutely will not regret moving to MLS Technology Group for IT support."

Lisa Bernales Senior Account Executive
ELT Insurance Services

Fast Response Times and Quick Turnaround

"Having someone available to call with fast response times and quick turnaround that has knowledge and experience with our Building Management System, Access Control, Lighting Control, and WiFi has set my mind at ease.

Before hiring MLS Technology Group we struggled to find a vendor that could bring our core building systems together. They quickly assessed our systems, provided a proposal, and integrated all the systems in a way that minimizes cost, minimizes downtime, increases security, and increase our ROI.

Our Chief Engineer can now securely, and seamlessly, manage our multi-tenant campus environment from anywhere.

We have been very happy with the level of service and experience MLS Technology Group has provided and I highly recommend them."

Christina Wilson Property Manager
Phase 3 Real Estate Partners

Prompt, Professional Service with a Personal Touch

"MLS Technology Group provides prompt, professional service with a personal touch. We had an internal IT Manager for over 10 years so I didn't have much experience with outsourced IT firms, but the attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile to make sure everything is taken care of, really stands out.

The level of service is top notch and I feel we're in a better place, from an IT perspective, since partnering with MLS Technology Group to handle our IT infrastructure."

Steve Ferenchak Development & Operations Supervisor
Learning Evolution

We have always received Great, Timely, and Affordable Service

"We trust and rely on MLS Technology Group to keep us up and running in an industry we know so little about. We have always received excellent, timely service at a fair price. They understand our business, the software we use, and the fact that we are dead in the water if our systems go down.

MLS Technology Group is the "go to" for great, timely and affordable service."

Lee Covell Certified Public Accountant
Covell Jani & Pasch

Speak My Language, Human

"The biggest benefit to working with MLS Technology Group is knowing I have a team of IT experts to call, who will answer the phone, and help me with my IT problems when I need it. They speak my language, human and as a non-technical business owner they explain things in a way I can understand and be part of the solutions presented.

MLS Technology Group believes in quality, client satisfaction, and they will not let you or your business down."

Lisa Mead President
Mead Consulting Group

Hands-On, Personal Experience

"Knowing we can count on MLS Technology Group to get our IT systems back up and running at a moments notice is incredibly valuable to our business. I have worked with other companies that were clearly just looking for the transaction and really didn't care about our business or our needs. MLS Technology Group is the exact opposite. They provide a hands-on personal approach and they are clearly interested more in a long-term relationship.

You won't regret hiring them."

Matthew Passiglia Business Consultant
Patriot General Engineering

I Will Give You The Straight Scoop!

"We used other IT firms and MLS Technology Group was the first to deliver on their promises. They provide easy to understand plans for our firm which has multiple locations, multiple entities, remote users, cloud based software, and much more. They are always quick to respond and resolve our IT issues.

If you're on the fence about MLS Technology Group, give me a call and I will give you the straight scoop!"

Ed Lee President
ELT Insurance

Honest and Transparent

"No matter what time of day or the extent of our emergency MLS Technology Group is there to help. They are an honest and transparent organization. They keep us informed, even if it's not what we want to hear.

We have tested their technical ability on a few occasions with complicated projects and issues and they always came through.

They are a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them."

Michael Ordonez Operations Manager
Nan McKay and Associates

Quick Response With A Personal Touch

"MLS Technology Group provides a quick response with a personal touch. They are familiar with our company's specific needs, which lets me focus on our business instead of worrying about our computer systems.

I highly recommend MLS Technology Group to any business owner."

Denise Meyer VP/Controller
MHS Construction

Never Make Us Feel Stupid, Plain English

"MLS Technology Group's team is fast to respond, friendly, patient, knowledgeable, but above all they never make us feel stupid because they explain things in plain English. Their entire technical team knows our system very well which makes for faster resolution of issues when they pop up.

I know that whenever issues pop up we can count on MLS Technology Group to get the job done."

Kim Cline Property Accountant
Essel Enterprises

Saved Our Business...Literally

"A few years ago when our tape backup system failed us miserably our internal IT team reached out to MLS Technology Group for assistance and they were able to perform a brute force recovery of our Exchange Information Store which saved over 20 years of email history. The next day we dropped the tape backups and signed up for their Managed Backup and Recovery solution which I had no idea at that time, but this action would later save our business.

About a year later we were hit with an exceptionally unpleasant ransomware attack where all of our servers and workstations were essentially turned into paper weights and all of our data was encrypted. We contacted the FBI and they said it was one of the worst variants they had ever seen.

When we reached out to MLS Technology Group to declare the emergency, they jumped into action immediately and were able to restore our server systems quickly to a previous state. Without their backup system we would have lost everything. It saved our business...literally.

MLS Technology Group has always provided fantastic response times and in-depth technical knowledge and I highly recommend them."

Jim Call CFO
Moteng NA