Does The Thought Of Ransomware, Hackers, And Viruses
Give You Cold Sweats?

If so, give us a call and let us show you what else you can do to
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4 Questions To Consider

  1. Who will they blame when you are hacked?
    To no fault of your own you will be blamed, if your business is hacked. Taking all “reasonable” actions to protect your business is required to minimize the risk.
  2. What is being done beyond the commoditized security solutions (AV, Antispam, Firewall, Backup, Patching) to protect your business?
    Think of these as a starting point, but to best defend your business against the current security threats there are a number of other steps you must take. Give us a call today to learn more!
  3. When was your last Security Assessment by a third party?
    Regular security assessments are important due to the ever-changing security landscape. A properly performed assessment will identify areas of weakness to be addressed.
  4. Are your credentials safe?
    Even if you have a complex password and change it frequently the “bad guys” can still gain access to your credentials either through Phishing or hacking a website where you created an account using your work address.  We can provide solutions to check and monitor to see if your credentials have been compromised.


When you choose MLS Technology Group’s Cyber Security solutions you will benefit.  Here’s how:

  • Protection beyond the basics – Our Cyber Security solutions go far beyond the basics of signature based Antivirus, firewalls, backups, and patching.
  • Stay informed – The security landscape is constantly evolving and our team frequently attends educational events to keep our team abreast of the current state of cyber security. We will notify you of new developments as we learn about them.
  • Multi-Layered security approach – There are many ways to become compromised or get hacked.  Our solutions address many of these vectors to greatly reduce the risk of infection. This even includes the most challenging attack vector to address, the human element, with Cyber Security Awareness Training.
  • Rollback – Other than completely abstaining from the Internet there is no solution that can protect you with 100% success.  In the event of a Ransomware infection our Advanced Endpoint Protection can rollback your workstations and servers to a previous state potentially saving you thousands of dollars, if not tens or hundreds of thousands.